Today, dental implants are the leading recommendation to replace a missing tooth. Before the advances of dental implants, a fixed bridge was the only solution for a non-removable restoration. Below are the major reasons why dental implants are today’s treatment of choice.
• With a tooth-supported fixed bridge, the adjacent teeth are ground down to support the restoration. This irreversibly destroys tooth structure and damages the teeth. Alternatively, dental implants replace the missing tooth with no harm to neighboring teeth, preserving the long term health.
• Dental implants fuse and integrate with the jaw bone, creating function for the bone structure preventing future bone loss. As the bone structure is preserved, so is the overlaying gum tissue minimizing tissue loss and recession sometimes associated with tooth supported bridges.
• Dental implants do not get decay or cavities. Bridge margins (area where the tooth and crown meet) are susceptible to cavity causing bacteria. This is the major cause for failure of bridgework.