When areas of missing teeth or damaged non-restorable teeth are diagnosed implants are often the leading recommendation for the most natural, best looking and functional replacement. Not only do dental implant-supported restorations provide the greatest ability to chew, most security when smiling, speaking or laughing but also may also function to improve overall health. As one increases in age, it is more important to properly chew your meals to aid with efficient digestion preventing gastrointestinal disorders. In addition, dental implants support the jaw bone structure preventing bone loss. Multi tooth replacement with dental implants includes fixed implant-supported bridges, implant-supported partial dentures, implant-supported complete dentures and fixed hybrid dentures.
Conventional Dentures may work well as a replacement for missing teeth but over time will lead to negative alterations of the jaw bone and tissue. Constant pressure caused by a denture leads to absorption (shrinkage) of the underlying jaw bone. As the jaw bone absorbs/shrinks, dentures may become loose and cause painful sore spots. They can slip and make it difficult to eat, speak or laugh requiring the temporary aid of unreliable sticky denture adhesives. This leads to the need for periodic adjustments and continued denture relines by your dentist. Implants may eliminate these negative features of conventional dentures while preserving a patient’s natural bite allowing for a more comfortable, stable and esthetic solution.
Not only will your dentures be far more comfortable and natural– you may even wear them while you sleep.